Annamalai University Teachers Association

     The year 1971 is a memorable one in the professional and academic life of the Annamalai University Teachers for it was in that year that the Annamalai University Teachers' Association was established and registered. The AUTA is a pioneering Teachers Movement in the Tamil Nadu State.
     Though the university was founded in 1928, it took more than four decades for the teachers to unite, form of an association in 1971 to fight for their own rights. Since then, the AUTA members have been performing their roles in fitting manner in various statutory bodies/forums in the University and outside to safeguard the rights teachers as well as the cause of higher education, sometimes independently and on several occasions in coordination with Teachers Association/Federation in the State and in the Country. The AUTA is an affiliated member of the TANFUFA, TANFUCTO and the AIFUCTO.
     AUTA individually has launched many struggles focusing on the betterment of the status and service conditions of its own members; and under the banner of Joint Action Council, many struggles have been launched focusing on the common issues of teachers, employees and hostel employees and also against the irregularities in the University Administration. Since 1980, on six occasions the AUTA/JAC had to face the situations of Courting Arrest during the process of struggle, when the other democratic forms of agitation failed to sensitise the University Authorities. In 1994, in a 42-days struggle of JAC, even after court arrest by more than 100 JAC members, the situation turned worse and thus JAC leaders had to embark on the extreme sacrifice of 'Fast Unto Death'.
     As early as 1981 the AUTA realized that the evils of Annamalai University Act 1928 alone are responsible for ills that are being faced by the teachers and employees and hence the AUTA has been making appeals, on many occasions, to the Government of Tamil Nadu for the "Amendement of the Annamalai University Act 1928", particularly to make the State Higher Education Minister as the "Pro-Chancellor' of Annamalai University and democrartise the electoral process for the Authoritative Bodies.
     Now, the situation necessitated for repealing of the Annamalai University Act 1928 and enactment of Annamalai University Act 2013 in order to pave way for making the University a full-fledged "State University". It is EXCEPTIONALLY GREAT to place on record that the Present Tamil Nadu Government could fulfill the four-decade-old dream of the teachers and employees of Annamalai University. AUTA salute the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for rescuing the University and its employees from critical situation created by erstwhile administration and thus reestablishing the 'LIFE AND HOPE' of 12500 teachers and employees of Annamalai University.